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Assessor Job opportunities and freelancers

TRAINYOUCAN (ETDP SETA) Accredited Training Network and its members is committed to follow all the ETQA requirements as stipulated by SAQA. Read more about TRAINING Fraud and Scam alerts here! Search freelancer trainers and assessors with We offer the Assessors course in Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria. WHO SHOULD ATTEND the Conduct Assessment Training Course Become an Accredited Assessor Want to work with outcome based education. Freelance Assessors People who want to work with the SETA’s People who want to open their own Training Companies Training Companies who want to be Accredited with the SETA. People who want to assess learners on unit standards. [...]

Re: Purpose of the Appeals Process

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Appeals can be brought against:

Assessments that are perceived to have been unfair, invalid or unreliable.
• The assessment outcome, if the assessor’s judgement is considered to be biased.
• Inadequate expertise or experience of the assessor, if this is considered to have influenced the assessment.
• Unethical practices.
• Learners should be secure in the knowledge that they can appeal against an unfair assessment.
• Every candidate being assessed and or moderated has the right to appeal against the decisions, conduct or compliance of the assessor or moderator.
• All candidates shall be familiarized with proper appeals procedure.